I found another Archer-collaboration this morning

As I mention in many of posts, I love to collaborate with my son, Archer. One of us will start with a drawing or painting, and the other will finish it however we see best. I've used his work in this piece, this one, here, here and many others. This process of working together is not only just fun for me, but by embedding the moment in art, I get to extend the memory of being with him.

This morning, I've been cleaning out his room, recycling old papers from kindergarten, and making space for first grade. Among the piles, I found this little collaboration from the beginning of last school year. We made this on a day that we were both particularly homesick for Brooklyn. He'd come home from school, and we sat in front of our new house, both sad and unsure of how to spend our time. I'd suggested we make something together again.

I'm so glad we did. Like looking back at a journal entry, it's such a wonderful way to remember where we've been, and how much we've changed over this year.