Finishing last week's bird illustration

Although I draw using traditional methods (generally with a Sharpie marker or Pilot Rollerball), in last week's bird illustration I had decided to add color traditionally as well, using watercolor. I enjoy watercoloring, but I was very aware at how long it was taking me. I felt confined by the paint's permanency, and not being free to hit Cmd+z and try something else. I just wasn't losing myself in this art, which is something I really love to do.

So, I switched gears, and began to color my illustration digitally. As I'd hoped, time slipped away, and I was immersed in the process. I felt light and happy, which I hope I conveyed through my bright red birds.

This work is titled "Birds in the Tree (Commit)," and is now also available as a print here.

Next week, I hope to focus on this year's holiday card. I'll be posting along the way.