MATS Bootcamp has begun!

I've enrolled in another course led by Lilla Rogers. This one is called Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp. It's different than the MATS A class that I took last year in a few ways:
  • In Bootcamp, we get three weeks for each assignment, plus one week downtime before the next one starts. In MATS A, we had one week to complete an assignment and no downtime. 
  • Lilla will not be critiquing the class submissions as she had in the A course, so there is much less interaction with Lilla herself.
  • Bootcamp is less expensive. Less Lilla, less $, I suppose.
The class began on February 3rd, and we were given the subject of Cuckoo Clocks. Lilla posted some great examples for reference and encouraged us all to just play for this first week (no worrying about money, career, results). I thought this was a super fun topic, and on various occasions, my son and I sat down at the kitchen table with his craft basket and drew with black pens and his favorite purple marker. Some of our drawings are here:

At the beginning of the second week, we were given our actual assignment: create a phone cover with a cuckoo clock theme. Because of the vertical nature of the cover, and because I love drawing city buildings, I began focusing on the cuckoo clock as a Brooklyn brownstone. Here are a couple of examples:

Sketching bricks and worn-down facades kept veering me toward decay and the assemblage of broken pieces, however, and I start sketching hardware and darker birds, like the crow...

Ultimately, I realized I was envisioning a collage. Gears, hardware and premonitory blackbirds. A bit of melancholy and a bit of peace. I'll post my final piece shortly.