Drawing again

As recently as a year ago, I told a friend that I just didn't love drawing anymore. I remember feeling sad about saying this, but since I haven't drawn much in the past 10 years, I felt it was probably true.

Five weeks ago, however, when I started my amazing class with Lilla Rogers, I found myself not only loving it, but craving it. I began carrying a sketchbook and an ink pen again, everywhere. I have been drawing the shapes of the hardware in a subway car, my shoe laces, my son's face as he plays iPad. I have also begun drawing from my imagination, which, outside from my childhood, I don't do much of. And this is where I've begun to find some unexpected joy -- in my imagination. How cool of a (re-)discovery after all these years.

For this week's assignment (the last one of Part A), we focused on the gift market and created a zipper bag with a "lush" or "hyper-lush" design. Popping colors, florals, fantastical or dreamy subjects, lusciousness. Because I enjoyed my first assignment so thoroughly, I decided to also draw this design with a black pen and an 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper. I scanned it in, added color, and moved the elements around. The first image here is the one I submitted, but I really loved creating the bottom two as well, so I thought I'd include them here.