Portraits and stories from the nursing home

My grandmother spent her last few years in a nursing home, and after my visits with her, I would always wish I'd listened more (wisdom! stories! life lessons! history!). Even though I cared immensely and wanted to make fulfilling conversation with her and her friends, I felt nervous about what to say and unsure how to interact. This really bothered me, and I've been ruminating since on how to be more present and at ease in similar situations.

Recently, it occurred to me that art might be my gateway.

After contacting the nearby nursing home, I arranged to go in for an hour every couple of weeks to draw quick portraits of any residents that would like to sit for me. For now, I'm choosing the all-one-line technique (drawing without lifting my pen), as it is not only fast (5–10 minutes per portrait), it does not allow for fussing over mistakes. The process forces me to stay present and allow for whatever happens to happen. It also gives me a chance to look — truly look — at the face of each person, and listen as she or he tells me stories of falling in love, past careers, and children raised.

Here are some of the people I've had the chance to work with...

Kendra Shedenhelm_Continuous Line Drawing_NursingHome_Portrait1
Kendra Shedenhelm_Continuous Line Drawing_Portraits_2
Kendra Shedenhelm_Continuous Line Drawings_Portraits_3
Kendra Shedenhelm_Continuous Line Drawing_Portrait_4
Kendra Shedenhelm_Continuous Line Drawing_Portrait_5
Kendra Shedenhelm_Continuous Line Drawing_Portrait_6