Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers by Deborah Heiligman

Although I'm a little late on posting this, I read Vincent and Theo by Deborah Heiligman for book club in February, and I found it incredibly inspiring. I think it about daily.

I never studied Van Gogh in college, and I really only knew that he was mentally ill, cut off his own ear and was friends with Gauguin. But the story that Ms. Heiligman has weaved together through the letters between him and his brother told of a kind, thoughtful and extremely hard-working artist. He was dedicated to becoming a better and better draftsman and painter, and he consistently sought his brother's feedback on how he could improve. I was surprised to learn that he struggled with color (as do I), and he worked diligently to develop and modernize his palette. I was so impressed.

This book has much to offer — it's a passionate tale and also educational and inspirational. I highly recommend!

The portrait below was my take on Vincent shortly after I finished the book.

Kendra Shedenhelm_Arteza_Van Gogh Portrait

Awards and Reviews for The Historical Heroines Coloring Book

My cover illustration for Historical Heroines is now a finalist for the da Vinci Eye Award! You can learn more here. Thrilled!


I also recently caught this awesome review of Historical Heroines by Lois Henderson. Stoked! Thank you, Lois!

“...the extent of work that has gone into writing and illustrating the work shows that it is a true labor of love (as behooves any work that ardently supports the feminist cause, even in the most subtle of ways)” BOOK REVIEW by Lois Henderson

Author Elizabeth Lorayne seems to be on a roll, winner or finalist of several other Indie Book Awards, such as the fabulous Moonbeam Award and the Eric Hoffer Award. Read about them here:

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