Scrapbooking and icons

Although I have never really connected with the world of scrapbooking, I approached Week 3's Scrapbook Market assignment from Lilla Rogers' MATS B course with an open mind.

For Monday/Tuesday, our task was to research and draw vintage clocks. On Wednesday, we received our final assignment, which was to create a full sheet of scrapbook icons, utilizing clocks, time and anything time related.

Lilla continually stresses the importance of creating icons (for all markets), but I find them difficult. In the back of my mind, they feel like clutter, and I fight them. I am getting better at them, however, and I am adding more tidbits and little extras. Below are some of my sketches and a snippet of my final assemblage with a color change.

As Lilla says, the great benefit of creating icons is that I now have more to work with. Although I'm not jazzed by my green/yellow color and texture choices for this submission (bottom image), I can make some tweaks and use several of these elements for other things. More icons = more ideas and more opportunities. Keep an eye out for re-use of these birds and flowers for sure.