Another class with Lilla Rogers begins...

The much-anticipated e-course with Lilla Rogers started this past Monday. If you've read my previous posts, you know that I really love taking classes with Lilla. Something about her approach keeps art-making exciting, and not so scary. I find myself more courageous and enthusiastic, and I truly value what I learn in each week's assignment.

This first week of Part B focused on the Paper Market — greeting cards, stationery, journal covers, etc. Lilla begins every assignment with a creative warm-up, or a "mini," where we spend two days just exploring and sketching a specific subject (not concerning ourselves with any end result). This week's mini was about penguins and igloos. After some research, I realized quickly that I was very attracted to the Emperor Penguin, and I spent a great deal of time drawing these penguins with colored pencils, ink and watercolors.

On Wednesday, Lilla asked us to take our sketches and ideas and turn them into a greeting card. I wanted to translate my penguin sketches to a bolder style, and I began to work in collage. I tried some initial cut outs, just to help me visualize the shapes, and then I began to assemble my various penguins.

Directly below was my final submission. Further below are some of my other creations from throughout the week. As always, your comments are encouraged and welcome!