My studio right now, and do you know this artist?

I love it when people share their workspace. I'm always curious about the little things they surround themselves with. Today, I was looking around my own studio, and I wanted to share what I look at every day when I work. But I also wanted to see if anyone can help me identify some of these "Artist Unknown" pieces.

In the lower left corner is a collage sent to me by a NYC artist, whose name I regrettably no longer remember (and I can't decipher his signature). I sat next to him on a plane from LaGuardia to Peoria. He needed one more dollar for a whiskey, and I offered him one. A few weeks later, I received this collage at my work. The woman's dress is made out of a dollar bill. I just loved it. I believe he lived in SoHo or the Lower East Side. He might be about 50 or 60 by now. Take a look at the signature in the closeup below. Do you know who this artist is?