The Global Talent Search

Yesterday was the submission deadline for the much-anticipated Lilla Rogers' Studio Global Talent Search. As a recent student of her Make Art That Sells course, I was automatically enrolled in the contest. All I needed to do was make the art.

First, I must say that I am huge fan of the artists Lilla represents, and to be among them would be an absolute dream for me. A life-changing, enormous deal. After recently taking her class, I can see why such amazing talent would want to work with her. I can't remember feeling more inspired and encouraged by a single person. Lilla has an immense gift. She is a Wow.

The Talent Search assignment was to create a 5x7 journal cover with a playground theme, also including the word "journal." While preparing my submission over the past two weeks, I felt intense pressure, because I so deeply want to be a finalist, and my biggest battle was allowing the joy of art-making to make its way into my work.

On the last day before the deadline, many thanks to my almost-five year old son, I was able to do so. Created with watercolor, ink pen, graphite transfer and a bit of digital collage, this piece is called "Vintage Playground, Rocket Memory," and is based on a memory from childhood in Omaha, Nebraska. I feel that my joy really came through.

My non-type variation is below, followed by two different styles of lettering for 'Journal':