Print submission, week 1

It was an intense week of art-making, and I feel pretty fantastic as I wrap up this Sunday evening. I was recently hired to illustrate another children's book, so alongside submitting the new book's character study, I also had a pattern assignment due for Lilla Roger's class.

For the pattern assignment, I've been sketching, painting and collaging mushrooms and dishes for several days. Though I was thoroughly enjoying myself, I just couldn't decide which style or color palette I wanted to go with for today's deadline, and I was beginning to worry if I'd be able to get my assignment done on time. But I ran across a yellow/orange color scheme yesterday that immediately reminded me of childhood naptimes and Omaha, Nebraska.

Back in the 70s, when I was very young and living in Omaha, my mother found me a high-poster bed frame and dresser at a garage sale. She sanded them and painted them both a bright mix of yellow and orange. She bought me a bedspread and curtains with a graphic print of a little girl, who wore the same bright yellow and orange clothing, and there was some brown and green in there too.

My final print submission is of course dedicated to my wonderful mother. Thank you for creating such a magnificent and memorable bedroom (and childhood) for me!