Birds at Starbucks

Several weeks ago, after a quick trip outside of the city, I stopped at a Starbucks near Penn Station, before heading back to Brooklyn. I grabbed a water, an egg, found a seat, pulled out my sketchbook, and began drawing birds. Minutes later, a woman sat next to me and seemed to want to talk. I was annoyed by this at first, because I am like that, but I quickly snapped out of it, and had myself one of the most delightful and memorable conversations to date.

She was an artist (when she was young, she studied under Joseph Beuys), a teacher, a mother of three (all grown), a divorcee (twice), a cancer survivor, and an incredibly passionate person. She spoke fast and with tremendous sincerity, but she was also jovial and free-spirited. We spoke for about an hour before she left for the Beatrix Potter show at the Morgan Library.

This was one of my sketches while we sat together. He is now forever linked to her and that awesome hour at Starbucks.