Reviving and recycling my art

It's funny to me how often I love the art that I'd initially ditched and also adamantly dislike what was once a favorite.

A couple of days ago, I ran across some art that I'd created for a client a few months ago. It was ultimately never used, and I suppose I felt it wasn't any good because of it. But when I saw these characters again, I realized how much I did like them, and how much I could see myself in them. I even put a couple of them in my society6 shop, so that I could create prints. And perhaps I'll turn this Crane into a baby onesie.

Though much of my art that I've rejected probably will stay in a folder somewhere, as I get more comfortable in my art-making skin, I can see me and my process in the bad stuff too. And I find that I appreciate those castoffs more and more.