Lilla Rogers and Jell-O patterns

I submitted my second assignment for Lilla's MATS Bootcamp earlier today. The focus this month was on patterns, bolt fabric and Jell-O — Jell-O molds, colors, retro ads, anything Jell-O. I found myself uninterested in the molds, but I really loved looking at the desserts. The colorful stacks of Jell-O layered with whipped cream and a cherry on top, served in a tall glass with a pronounced stem. Just cool.

As with every Lilla assignment so far, it was another fantastic experience of learning, questioning, researching and drawing. Not only did I spend time checking out old Jell-O ads (totally enjoyable), but I also paid more attention to the patterns around my house, I drew gazillions of fun desserts, and I tried some new color combinations. Another perk this month was finding Using the "Image Color Import" function, I was able to upload images that I was drawn to (my Ikea bedspread, a shirt at the Nintendo store, a mudroom on, etc.), and Color Explorer provided Illustrator-ready .ase swatches for me to use with my drawings.

I created several variations for my final assignment, but I went with this one in the end:

There were a few other contenders, too...

Which one is your favorite? And why?
I welcome your comments!