Mother's Day collaging

One of the my favorite parts of working with so many cutouts these days, is the unexpected interest of my son. As I'd mentioned in this puppet show post, Archer and I have been using construction paper for spontaneous art-making a lot lately. On Mother's Day, I began noodling around with my scissors and the various envelopes from my birthday cards. As I'd hoped, once I began cutting shapes, Archer's interest was piqued, and he began participating too.

We assembled various things with the scraps lying all over my desk, and then I eventually went back to work on my book illustrations. To my surprise, Archer did not immediately go back to watching his Mario Bros. instructional video. He instead grabbed crayons and more scraps, and created this raccoon and a Mom puppet. I did add the eyes and nose to complete the raccoon, but the Mom was entirely his own assembly. Check out the shoes!!