Empty Bowls Project

I was recently invited to participate in the Empty Bowls Project, here in Bay Ridge. To raise funds for local food pantries, several artists came together to paint ceramic bowls, that would then be fired and put up for sale at the event.

To me, glazing pottery seems very spontaneous, with not a lot of room for error. I wasn't sure what I was going to create, and I felt fairly nervous when I arrived to paint. Although it did, in fact, prove to be difficult to hold my brush steady, and I do wish I would have extended some of lines and used a brighter blue, I really enjoyed myself. It was actually quite relieving to wing it and move on.

This is my bowl after it was fired. I had also tried an interesting brush technique on the sides of the bowl, but it sold before I arrived at the event, and I'm not sure how that part turned out.